MiniMates MINT info

By McP
March 27, 2023
2 min read
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Collection size: 200 NFTs.

Every single MiniMate NFT is hand-produced by experienced designer McP (Michal Prekop) and made in Cinema 4D.

MiniMates mint will start on 31.3.2023 and will be divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Pre-sale
31.3.2023, 5PM CEST
Price: Free (for all SkitRobots OG *holders)
Max 1 mint per wallet.
* Snapshot of SkitRobots OG wallets will be made ~24h before the mint.

Phase 2: Allowlist
31.3.2023, 8PM CEST
Price: 0.015 ETH
Max 10 mints per wallet

* How to get the allowlist? You need to keep your eyes on my Twitter to be notified when the allowlist registration is open. I will add a few more spots for the allowlist.

Phase 3: Public mint
31.3.2023, 10PM CEST
Price: 0.017 ETH
No limits per wallet.

Mint link
Mint will be only on the official website:
Please check every link, and every letter to be sure you are on the official website and use your "warm-mint" wallet for extra safety.

Art reveal
The art of NFTs will be revealed shortly after the mint will be finished.

Discord challenge
I am giving away a FREE MINT spot to the 3 most active Discord users. Starting NOW, the Discord message counter is reset. Use our chat channels to climb the messages leaderboard while having a nice talk with others. The challenge will end on 30.3.2023, 5PM CEST (24h before the mint). The top 3 chatters (Discord team members excluded) will be rewarded with a Free MiniMates mint spot!

You can join our Discord here:


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©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.