What is SkitRobots?

SkitRobots is a collection of artistic 3D avatars. These handcrafted robots are available as NFTs.

The designs illustrate the beautiful craftsmanship of the artist. Each piece & its elements are modeled from scratch, applied with physically accurate scanned materials, and finished off with V-Ray lighting for a real-world feel.

What is MiniMates?

Collection of 3D art NFTs featuring adorable, small-scale human-robot figures. These cute little characters are like tiny friends you can collect and trade. With a variety of unique traits and accessories, MiniMates are perfect for any NFT enthusiast or collector looking for something fun and fresh.

What is Skitverse (SKITVΞRSΞ)?

A Web3 brand. The home of SkitRobots and all our future projects. A place to make the dreams of all Hoomans come true. The vision is to design high-quality digital artwork such as avatars, vehicles, gaming assets, space PODs, etc. By building partnerships with projects, these assets could potentially be interoperable.

Who is the artist?

Everything under SKITVΞRSΞ brand is designed and rendered by Michal Prekop - McP. He is a senior graphic designer from Slovakia with more than 18 years of experience. He has worked with many design studios and clients from Europe and NYC. Web3 Founder & creator.

What is “SkitRobots OG” collections?

The SkitRobots OG collection is a collection of the first-ever minted SkitRobots in the year 2022. OG holders have amazing benefits across all SKITVΞRSΞ. You can purchase our OG NFTs on secondary-market OpenSea.

SkitRobots mint 2023

What about roadmap?

Yes we’ve got it! Check out our roadmap page.

Are there any special benefits for holders?

Art is the utility! Art is the utility! Art is the utility! Art is the utility!

But we have also:
- SkitRobots OG holders will have selected Free mints for selected future collections.
- WL for all future SKITVΞRSΞ projects.
- Owner’s club Discord access.
- Mutual holders utilities: We have partnered with several NFT projects and if you are a holder of those projects and our Owner’s club member, you can claim NFTs for free.
- No more stupid utility promises! SKITVΞRSΞ is home of artistic projects and being the proud Owner’s club member is the main utility for art collectors!
- Physical TCG cards. We are super proud of this one! (The targeted milestone was not reached yet. So cards are not produced yet. Read more below about TCG cards.)

What are SkitRobots TCG cards?


We are super excited to tell you about the physical collectible SkitRobots cards!

This will be our first physical collection (season) of TCG cards in the SKITVΞRSΞ. Every minted SkitRobot and SkitRobot OG will be represented with only one super-high-quality printed card! Yes, each SkitRobot = only one physical card ever! Cards will be the same size as Magic the Gathering or Pokemon TCG cards, with the same production quality. If you hold a Rare SkitRobot NFT, then you will be able to claim a rare card with a special holographic or metallic finish!

Once the mint is completed (sold-out or closed and rest burned), TCG cards will be available to claim for FREE for every SkitRobots and SkitRobots OG owners! We will produce and carefully pack physical cards for you and during claim, holders will only need cover the shipping cost, depending on the location you want it delivered to.

Note: We will be able to cover physical cards production once we reach 1000+ mints of SkitRobots NFT.


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.