Amef of the Pracars shoke their head at the Morah sitting in front of them. Their position as enforcer necessitated them to travel between every city in the Skitverse, observing and interfering when necessary.
‘I really did not mean to crash into that room’ Fihz of the Morah faction said remorsefully.
‘That is unacceptable’ Tiym of the Naroms faction almost screamed ‘Months of work on the SkitSonar advancement was in that room. How dare you and your reckless activities drag us back’.
Amef sighed, the differences in culture was apparent, Fihz obviously found his current adventure more interesting than anything that might have been confined to a room. Meanwhile Tiym was boiling over, both literally and figuratively, about the amount of work lost over the Morahs so called adventuring.
‘Did Fihz set you back a great deal?’ Amef asked.
‘They destroyed enough, I demand compensation’ Tiym insisted ‘They should be made to help fix what they messed up, they should learn the importance of science’.
Fihz blanched ‘Do I really have to?’

‘I suppose it’s fair’ Amef decided.

Fihz stomped out of the room, annoyed but undeterred from having fun. They decided to take a walk to cool off.

Acknowledging several Erymes taking their pets for a walk, Fihz smiled at the latest collection of Advi Cars. They offered the necessary protection as well as the thrill to make the rider  feel like they’re flying.

Knowing what would cheer them up, they jogged briskly towards the arena, hoping to meet the semi-finals of Rumble #24. After a scan, Fihz was admitted into the arena and quickly found their seat. 

The arena was almost full, sports enthusiasts from every corner of the Skitverse were present. The fight ground is as big as one football field. The arena, designed with ancient fight relics with the number 42 featured in several angles, a number held in high regard in the Skitverse because it was the first thing each SkitRobot saw when they were made, was bustling. Each city has its own arena and the main tournament was held in the central city between representatives of each faction.

Loud cheers brought Fihz back to the present and he screamed along as Ravon of the Morahs and Jefa of the Pracars bounced into the arena.

Fihz settled down to enjoy the match, keeping in mind that not only do they need to sort out the mess they caused but also continue their adventure through the cities of the Skitverse.



SkitRobots - Rares

The brains behind the Skitverse with only 244 in existence, the “SkitRobots - Rares” are highly respected in all cities of the Skitverse.
Living in the oldest city in the Skitverse, they only ventured out when asked to or occasionally for pleasure. The Rare are specially made, they are immersed in only one material from head to the last chip and exhibit complete control over materials they are made from.

With a snap of a finger, Rares have been seen making amazing things happen.