Tournament Rumble

There's only one way to determine the lord of the Skitverse. Nirangi readies their Nunchaku, this, they believed was their fight, their ticket to the throne and all its benefits. Ravon, their Katana at the ready, flexes with a relaxed smile. They could smell their opponents' confidence and nothing in the world made them happier than crushing confidence in the ring. Weapons at the ready, they stepped into the ring, accompanied by the loud cheers of the Skit-Citizens. They all had money riding on the fighters and were impatient to get entertained.

Current bracket

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Hall of fame

Here stand the lords of the Skitverse. Ravon the strong, Mirani the intelligent.... Winners of the tournament rumble. Through wits and strength, each robot clawed its way through every opponent to gain the throne, the recognition for themselves and their owners. To every owner of a SkitRobot in the hall of fame, you have a great lord in your hands, congrats, treat them with care!


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.