Mint FAQ

When will SkitRobots Mint start?
20th January 2023, 12 PM (CET)
What will be the mint price of a SkitRobot? How many mints per wallet?
// Price for SkitRobots OG holders: 0.01 ETH (+ gas fees) (max 20 mints per wallet)  //  Public price: 0.042 ETH (+ gas fees) (unlimited amount per wallet)
What is the size of the collection?
2000 NFTs
How do I get myself a SkitRobot?
You can mint the SkitRobots NFT via our minting page - (The collection is on Ethereum blockchain.) Never trust other links except from official announcement.
Are there any special or limited edition SkitRobots that will be included in the mint?
Yes! 42 SkitRobots will have the trait called Rare! Try your luck during mint to collect some of these amazing Rare NFTs! 42 of them are hidden inside 2000 piece collection. They are made only out of one material in Cinema4D. Being unique, they will always stand out from the regular non-rare SkitRobots.
Is there a waitlist or reservation system for upcoming SkitRobot mints?
We have Free mint + OG lists. Both are already closed and you can’t get in anymore. All lists will be minting at the same time, starting 20th January 2023.
Do I need to register for mint/Is there a WL process? 
No, you don’t need to be registered anywhere. You can mint SkitRobots on website once the mint will be live on 20th January 2023.
How can I get Free Mint?
You can’t. We had a lot of giveaway opportunities to get on the Free mint list. This list is already closed and nobody can get on the list anymore.
Will the SkitRobots be revealed right away? 
Yes, this SkitRobots mint has instant reveal.
How is the new collection different from the old one?
This mint is for a collection called “SkitRobots”. Last year we published a small collection called “SkitRobots OG”. OG holders will always have a special place and benefits across all SKITVΞRSΞ projects.
What intellectual property rights do SkitRobot holders receive?
All our SkitRobot holders henceforth have full ownership rights for commercial and personal use.  //  The fine print: SKITVΞRSΞ NFT holders can use the owned NFT art but NOT the project’s (SkitRobots & SKITVΞRSΞ ) branding assets (logos) itself.  //  SKITVΞRSΞ project will only provide support and promote projects from holders using their owned NFTs.  //  SKITVΞRSΞ project will NOT support or promote projects from non-holders using the images from the collection without owning them.
Are there any benefits for SkitRobots NFT holders?
Our new and main utility will be the physical TCG cards. We are super proud of this one!  //  SkitRobots OG holders will have selected Free mints for SkitVehicles collection and more!  //  WL for all future SKITVΞRSΞ projects.  //  Owner’s club Discord access.  //  Mutual holders utilities: We have partnered with several NFT projects and if you are a holder of those projects and our Owner’s club member, you can claim NFTs for free.  //  No more stupid utility promises! SKITVΞRSΞ is home of artistic projects and being the proud Owner’s club member is the main utility for art collectors!


Amef of the Pracars shoke their head at the Morah sitting in front of them. Their position as enforcer necessitated them to travel between every city in the Skitverse, observing and interfering when necessary.
‘I really did not mean to crash into that room’ Fihz of the Morah faction said remorsefully.
‘That is unacceptable’ Tiym of the Naroms faction almost screamed ‘Months of work on the SkitSonar advancement was in that room. How dare you and your reckless activities drag us back’.


The dream to create a world, one where robots and hoomans coexist, has finally been realised.
Year 2042 saw advancements beyond hooman expectations. The creation of the Skitverse. A collection of cities with SkitRobots and SkitCitizens all coexisting peacefully. AI powered technology propelled the Skitverse light years ahead of hooman belief, ushering in an era of science, developmental research and a whole lot of wildness.
Hoomans can transcend into the role of SkitCitizen, the ones who enjoy all the benefits of living in the Skitverse, by owning a Skitverse NFT.

A persona to set you free!


The word 'skit' has several meanings and one of them is " a satirical or humorous story or sketch". We design these SkitRobots so individuals can use them as their digital personas to play their part in the world as they see fit. In this era of the interweb and metaverses, most of us have built our digital selves and quite often anonymous personas. We use them to interact with others such as social media, forums, games, work, etc. We feel safe being behind an anonymous digital self which allows us to interact freely such as expressing our views on matters or playing games or sharing knowledge and more. With digital avatars, we leave behind the pitiful era of discrimination based on race, gender, and whatnot.