Amef of the Pracars shoke their head at the Morah sitting in front of them. Their position as enforcer necessitated them to travel between every city in the Skitverse, observing and interfering when necessary.
‘I really did not mean to crash into that room’ Fihz of the Morah faction said remorsefully.
‘That is unacceptable’ Tiym of the Naroms faction almost screamed ‘Months of work on the SkitSonar advancement was in that room. How dare you and your reckless activities drag us back’.


The dream to create a world, one where robots and hoomans coexist, has finally been realised.
Year 2042 saw advancements beyond hooman expectations. The creation of the Skitverse. A collection of cities with SkitRobots and SkitCitizens all coexisting peacefully. AI powered technology propelled the Skitverse light years ahead of hooman belief, ushering in an era of science, developmental research and a whole lot of wildness.
Hoomans can transcend into the role of SkitCitizen, the ones who enjoy all the benefits of living in the Skitverse, by owning a Skitverse NFT.

A persona to set you free!


The word 'skit' has several meanings and one of them is " a satirical or humorous story or sketch". We design these SkitRobots so individuals can use them as their digital personas to play their part in the world as they see fit. In this era of the interweb and metaverses, most of us have built our digital selves and quite often anonymous personas. We use them to interact with others such as social media, forums, games, work, etc. We feel safe being behind an anonymous digital self which allows us to interact freely such as expressing our views on matters or playing games or sharing knowledge and more. With digital avatars, we leave behind the pitiful era of discrimination based on race, gender, and whatnot.

When MINT?

This collection is different compared to projects with randomly combined traits and our launch process was also different. All 2442 pieces are manually made by excellent artist Michal “McP” Prekop. He carefully made all robots one by one. No random combinations, no random mint! We listed them all on OpenSea. Please take your time, browse our gallery and find those who work best for you and your personality.


3D modeled in Rhino 3D, Scene setup in Cinema4D, rendered with V-Ray. All done by our artist McP.

Benefits for SkitRobots NFT owners