3D modeled in Rhino 3D, Scene setup in Cinema4D, rendered with V-Ray by artist McP.



SkitRobots is an NFT collection of artistic 3D avatars. The designs illustrate the beautiful craftsmanship of the artist. Each piece & its elements are modeled from scratch, applied with physically accurate scanned materials, and finished off with V-Ray lighting for a real-world feel.

SkitRobots collection consists of 2442 avatars (pfp) and is minted on the blockchain so that the user can truly own them. The avatars are not procedurally generated, but instead, all 2442 are designed manually. For this reason, each piece is unique in its own stead.


A persona to set you free!


The word 'skit' has several meanings and one of them is " a satirical or humorous story or sketch". We design these SkitRobots so individuals can use them as their digital personas to play their part in the world as they see fit. In this era of the interweb and metaverses, most of us have built our digital selves and quite often anonymous personas. We use them to interact with others such as social media, forums, games, work, etc. We feel safe being behind an anonymous digital self which allows us to interact freely such as expressing our views on matters or playing games or sharing knowledge and more. With digital avatars, we leave behind the pitiful era of discrimination based on race, gender, and whatnot.



SkitRobots is just the beginning! Our vision is to build the Skitverse brand, a vast collection of high-quality digital artwork minted on blockchain that can be truly owned. We begin with creating these amazing avatars/personas and move to various other assets such as unique collectibles, personalized space pods, toys, and more. As all the assets are 3D & being modeled from scratch, they open up quite some potential for interoperable utility in metaverse.

The future is exciting and promising but we are realists & strongly believe in delivering quality products, one collection at a time. Our focus now is on the SkitRobots through which we hope to establish a community that is fundamentally strong to support our vision of the Skitverse brand.

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SkitRobots Team



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What is SkitRobots?

An NFT collection of pristine-looking and uniquely crafted robot avatars.

Why is it special?

The designs illustrate the beautiful craftsmanship of the artist. Each piece & its elements are modelled from scratch, applied with physically accurate scanned materials, and finished off with V-Ray lighting for a real-world feel.

Who is the artist?

The SkitRobots (and potentially more of Skitverse) NFT assets are conceptualized, designed and rendered by Michal Prekop - McP.

Is there a rarity aspect?

No, and yes. Since none of the avatars are procedurally generated and manually made with varied combinations, they do not have a set rarity aspect. It is possible that due to certain permutations & combinations, similar elements are used in the whole 2442 collection. Thus, a rarity of sorts can surface eventually based on how they are perceived by the users and the marketplace percentage calculator.

How many NFTs will be minted?

The SkitRobots origins collection will only ever have 2442 minted avatars.

Will there be certain specific/special and reserved mints?

We have some special mints, series, etc. for promotion, collaboration, partnerships, etc. Most of these will be outside of the main SkitRobots Origins to avoid dilution of the unique 2442 collection.

What is the price per mint?

0.075 ETH

Where can I buy/mint a SkitRobot?

The primary marketplace for SkitRobots is OpenSea. After the initial mint, the robots can be traded p2p or other Ethereum-supported NFT marketplaces.

When will the SkitRobots collection be released?

The SkitRobots NFT pfp collection was launched 19th July 2022 on OpenSea.

How to mint/buy a SkitRobot?

1. Go to collection
2. Connect your Ethereum wallet.
3. Search the robot you want to mint.
4. Press BUY NOW. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and enjoy! As soon as the transaction is confirmed. It should appear in your OpenSea profile.

Are there any special benefits for holders?

Yes ofcourse. Without revealing everything planned, the basic benefits include an auto whitelist for the next collection, free robots for holders of 5, 10, and 42 robots, free limited edition RARE (different collection) robot airdrop for holders of 42 robots. More benefits and utilities will be shared in due time including the one from our partnerships.

What about roadmap?

Our focus is on creating the SkitRobots origins collection and building the community around it. Without any promises, we would like to mention the plan to design several types of assets that will together form the Skitverse. The general idea is to first launch SkitRobots 2442 origins collection, work on organic promotion strategies and focus on selling out. Once achieved, then we release the plan for next collection (not a pfp but something completely different as a part of Skitverse).

What is Skitverse?

A huge collection of assets that can be used in the digital space. The vision is to design high-quality digital artwork such as avatars, gaming assets, space pods, etc. By building partnerships with projects, these assets could potentially be interoperable.