SkitRobots new mint, TCG cards and more

By McP
December 21, 2022
4 min read
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What you will find in this post

  • Thank you to all SkitRobots owners
  • Upcoming changes to OG collection
  • Info about new Mint
  • New utility: TCG cards
    • info about other utilities
  • Discord changes
  • Important dates

Thank you!

I will like to express the biggest thank you to every SkitRobot NFT holder! Without you guys we would have no community, no SKITVΞRSΞ, nothing. It is always amazing to see every new sale notification, especially for us, a small independent NFT project.

SkitRobots OG

The original OpenSea collection is renamed from “SkitRobots” to “SkitRobots OG”. There are currently about 70+ sold (minted) SkitRobots. The rest will be available to purchase on OpenSea only untill 31.12.2022. After this date, all non-minted SkitRobots will be removed from OpenSea. The number of mints (sold SkitRobots on OpenSea) at 31.12.2022 will be the final size of SkitRobots OG collection.

So you only have a few days left to mint more SkitRobots in this OG collection! (You will find more information about OG’s benefits later in this article.)

SkitRobots 2.0 Mint in 2023

Non-minted SkitRobots will be removed from OpenSea and will be made available in a new regular mint. There will be a new collection called “SkitRobots” which will be minted in our custom smart contract. This will allow SkitRobots to be traded on many different marketplaces, will allow us to use the rarity tools, community utilities to easily reward our Owner’s club members and more. (We only used a shared OpenSea smart contract so far.)

Few notes about upcoming mint:

  • This new mint will be a classic mint hosted on website. During mint, you will get randomly selected SkitRobot NFT with a chance to mint “Rare” SkitRobot.
  • New collection will feature two new traits:
    • Rare (Yes, all rares will be removed from OpenSea and 42 rare SkitRobots will become a part of this new collection. Happy hunting!!)
    • Faction (Pracars, Morahs, Eryme, TimeRounders, Naroms, Setyop, Mixxies)
  • Snapshot of SkitRobots OG holders will happen on 10.1.2023. This list of wallets will be used for the SkitRobots January mint.

Wen? How much?

Mint start: 20.1.2023

Price for OG holders: 0.01 ETH (max 20 mints per wallet) (+gas fees)

Price for public: 0.042 ETH (+gas fees)

NFTs available to mint: 2000 (including Rares) (The final number of the collection could be lowered, depending on the number of mints)

Note: After a limit of “20 mints per OG holders wallet”, OGs can mint more SkitRobots for public price 0.042 ETH.

SkitRobots: TCG cards!

I am super excited to reveal our physical collectable SkitRobots cards!

This will be our first physical collection (season) of TCG cards in the SKITVΞRSΞ. Every minted SkitRobot and SkitRobot OG will be represented with only one super-high quality printed card! Yes, each SkitRobot = only one physical card ever! Cards will be same size as Magic the Gathering or Pokemon TCG cards, with the same production quality. If you hold a Rare SkitRobot NFT, then you will be able to claim a rare card with special holographic or metallic finish!

Once the mint is completed (sold-out or closed and rest burned), TCG cards will be available to claim for FREE for every SkitRobots and SkitRobots OG owners! We will produce and carefully pack physical cards for you and during claim, holders will only need cover the shipping cost, depending on the location you want it delivered to.

Note: We will be able to cover physical cards production once we reach 1000+ mints of SkitRobots NFT. Claiming and shipping will start after the new 2023 mint ends.

We love the idea of the real physical TCG cards and it will be great to produce a new season of them every time a new NFT collection is released in SKITVΞRSΞ. Next season, SkitVehicles?! This is, finally, the utility which makes total sense for an artistic project such as SkitRobots and SKITVΞRSΞ!


  • Our new and main utility will be the physical TCG cards. We are super proud of this one!
  • SkitRobots OG holders will have Free mints for SkitVehicles collection and more!
  • WL for all future SKITVΞRSΞ projects.
  • Owner’s club Discord access.
  • Mutual holders utilities: We have partnered with several NFT projects and if you are a holder of those projects and our Owner’s club member, you can claim NFTs for free.
  • No more stupid utility promises! SKITVΞRSΞ is home of artistic projects and being the proud Owner’s club member is the main utility for art collectors! All other benefits from past will be removed in 2023, they will not make sense anymore.

Discord only for holders

Our community Discord server will have a new, simpler structure and most importantly - almost all channels will be available for @SkitCitizens (owners of any SKITVΞRSΞ NFT) only!

Important dates recap

  • Mints for SkitRobots OG collection will end 31.12.2022.
  • Snapshot of SkitRobots OG holders (in context of January mint) will happen 10.1.2023.
  • New mint will start 20.1.2023.

We love our community and we will never stop listening to your feedback guys! Thank you for your support. WAGMI!


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.