SkitRobots mint – all you need to know

By McP
January 18, 2023
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Mint starts: 20.1.2023, 12PM (CET)
Mint price: Public 0.042 ETH
SkitRobots OG holders 0.01 ETH

The time has come, the wait is finally over! The SKITVΞRSΞ is opening its gates to welcome new SkitCitizens!

Mint starts 20th January 2023, 12 PM (CET), and will last until the collection is minted out.

The total size of the SkitRobots collection is 2000 NFTs.

They are split into multiple mint lists:

  • Free mint: Max 1 per wallet, supply 43 NFTs.
  • SkitRobots OG: Max 20 per wallet, supply 960 NFTs (20 x 48 OG holders).
  • SKITVΞRSΞ staff: 46 NFTs.
  • SKITVΞRSΞ reserved for giveaways and partners: 100 NFTs.
  • Public: Unlimited per wallet, supply 851 NFTs.

Extra notes:

  • If your wallet is in multiple lists, multiple mint options will be available for you on the mint screen.
  • If the OG holder minted its 20x NFTs and wants to mint more, he/she can continue minting via the public list.


  • All mint lists will be activated and available to start minting at the same time - 20th January 2023, 12 PM (CET).
  • Free mint + OG holders will have 3 days to mint (the last day is 23.1.2023). After 3 days, all un-minted SkitRobots NFTs will be transferred to the public list and will become available to everyone for a public price 0.042 ETH.

Don't be scammed:

The only official mint website is
The only official Twitter account is @skitrobots.

Hidden gems:

SkitRobots Rares: 42 SkitRobots have the trait called Rare! Try your luck during mint to collect some of these amazing Rare NFTs! 42 of them are hidden inside 2000 piece collection. They are made only out of one material in Cinema4D. Being unique, they will always stand out from the regular non-rare SkitRobots!

Mystery ITM: Once the mint will be completed, all SkitRobots OG holders and a very small number of new SkitRobots owners will be randomly awarded a special mystery item! It will be used later for burning to claim something completely new and mindblowing!

What is this Mystery ITM capsule hiding inside? Only the winds in the streets of the SKITVΞRSΞ can guess. Hold some SkitRobots and cross all your fingers to receive the capsule of ... (connection issues happened).

Mint FAQ:

If you still have some questions, don’t worry, we prepared a simple Mint FAQ section.


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.