Back to the roots

By McP
February 23, 2023
4 min read
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  • SkitRobots mint will be closed on 28th February 2023
  • The next collection will be MiniMates.
  • Very limited small collections. More often releases.

Hello hoomans, especially those who have supported me and collected SkitRobots.

It has been one month since the new SkitRobots mint was launched, and I would like to update you on the current state and plans for the future.

354 SkitRobots are minted so far (including airdrops). That is almost 20% of the prepared 2000 NFTs for the collection. If we will do the same math in the context of our community size, then we did a great job: 354 mints for 346 verified Discord members. Imagine every Discord server will mint as many NFTs as their Discord size!

Let’s be clear and honest - we reached our peak and mints stopped incoming. This is the point we need to cut down the size of the collection and move forward.

Mint will be closed last day of this month, 28th February 2023. The final collection size will be 400 NFTs (if the number of mints on 28th Feb. will be lower than 400).

You may ask - What will happen to my favorite Rare or regular SkitRobots designs which are not minted yet?! The answer is simple: You had 1 month to mint them and you still have 1 more week to collect them. The non-minted SkitRobots will be gone forever after this February.

I and my team spent last year building SkitRobots and SKITVΞRSΞ brand. We did everything that we know to help the project. We built a lot of things and a loyal & kind community! Don’t worry, I am not quitting anything and we are not closing the SKITVΞRSΞ at all 🙂. I love web3 space and many many opportunities NFTs are offering to me as an artist and project creator.

Going back to my roots means that I am now more focused on building my name as a designer (artist) in the web3 space, rather than posting everything under the "anonymous" SKITVΞRSΞ brand. I will continue working on SKITVΞRSΞ collections as planned. I just want everything to be more personal, simplified, and easier to understand.

My next collection will be MiniMates!

They are cute tiny friends of SkitRobots, the new part of the SKITVΞRSΞ family. I am working on many fun traits already. The size of the MiniMates collection will be very very limited, only about 150 NFTs in total! The mint will be Free for SkitRobots - OG holders. Other details will be released before the mint. I would like to finish all designs within 2 months. So mint can come sooner than you think!

The size of the MiniMates collection and the timeframe for its delivery gives you a good idea of how I plan to work this year. A limited small collection, but more often. I have ideas for SkitRobots - Season 2 with a new design, new traits, new camera angle, and more… This way of small collections I can focus on new designs, new ideas, and new projects and release something every two months or so. Not just one big effort per year as we tried with the current big SkitRobots collection.

What will happen with the current roadmap?

If everything will go well, I would like to bring SkitPODs (small metaverse personal place) and SkitVehicles for SkitRobots holders at the end of this year.

TCG SkitRobots cards - I’ve set the milestone minimum of 1000 SkitRobots mints to be able to produce and distribute great quality physical collectible cards. Milestone is not reached. But it can still happen in the future if we will reach 1000+ mints of different SkitRobots collections combined. I love physical collectible goods and I would be very happy to have a representation of my SkitRobots on my desk next to my computer, or on the wall in the display.

So back to the roots! I want to focus on what I am best at, and that is design! I want to create new 3d art, and new small collections, and build my name as an NFT artist in this very young interesting web3 space!

Additionally, I will very simplify website to be as simple and easy to understand as possible for newcomers. website will be joined with

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me and I hope you will stay with me! I will keep designing every day and will keep you posted. We have a great lovely community and we will become even larger and stronger this year 💪.


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.


©2023 SkitRobots. All Rights Reserved.